Events in Buenos Aires
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The Latest Gay Events And Festivals in Buenos Aires

There are some amazing fiestas and events held throughout the year in Buenos Aires. Although not targeting the gay community directly, they are multicultural events that attract people from all walks of life.

  • Gay Pride. The main Pride Parade is held in the streets of downtown Buenos Aires on the first Saturday of November, to celebrate the formation of the first-ever gay group in Buenos Aires in 1969. Thousands of gays and non-gays from many different organisations join this popular, flamboyant event.

  • Festival Internacional de Tango Queer:  the 2nd International Tango Queer Festival will be held in Buenos Aires from 1st till 8th December 2008.
Below you will find full details of the Major Festivals, a month by month agenda and some of the key cultural events that take place in Buenos Aires, covering everything from Tango to Theatre, Dance to Independent film.

Events in Buenos Aires

(March 25 to April 5)
11 Buenos Aires festival Internacional de Cine Independiente
Quilmes Rock
The most important rock festival of Argentina. National and international groups take part in this event.
La Gran Vía de Mayo
(25 de abril al 24 de mayo)
Visitas guiadas, espectáculos musicales, de teatro y danza en La Avenida de Mayo.
Ciudad Emergente
(June 11 to 15)
Annual festival of rock and pop with indie spirit. It will have the participation of the best foreing and national bands.
Mi Buenos Aires Querible
The city invites people to enjoy the historical and cultural patrimony along its 48 neighbourhoods, there will be a great game, guided tours, shows and more activities.
11º Festival Buenos Aires Tango y 7º Mundial de Tango
(14 al 31 de agosto)
The festival consists of tango shows, classes, expositions and a fair of tango-related articles. It closes with a big milonga in the open air.
BAFIM Feria Internacional de Música de Buenos Aires
Habrá conferencias, workshops, clínicas, encuentros, shows y debates.
International Festival of Buenos Aires (Biannual)
(October, 1 to 18)
Festival of scenic arts where companies of theatre, dance, music and visual arts will be presenting their works.
la Noche de los Museos
(14 de noviembre)
Los museos de Buenos Aires permanecen abiertos hasta los 2 de la mañana y se realizan también conciertos.
Festival Internacional Buenos Aires Jazz
(December, 1 to 8)
This is a festival which gathers important musicians of our jazz music. Organized by the General Direction of Music, Secretariat of Culture GCBA.
Festival of the Light
Open meetings of photography, expositions, conferences and debates on this subject matter.
Festival Pepsi music
The best national and international guest bands will be presenting their shows.
13º Festival of Guitars of the World
(September 30 to October 12)
More than 150 national and international guitar players in thirteen days of pure music.
Buenos Aires Sala Abierta
Festival internacional bianual de teatro independiente.
(November 8th)
Local edition of the most important electronic music festival in the world.
Festival of Contemporaneous Dance in Buenos Aires (biennial)
(December, 1 to 8)
Argentine dancers and choreographers will be presenting their productions. The festival also comprises conferences, seminars and international guest artists.



FASHION In the beginnings of March, the new fashion collections autumn-winter of the main designers can be appreciated thanks to the Buenos Aires Fashion Week. This event implies more than a parades’ set because it has also shows, workshops, music and parties. In August, the version spring –summer of this event takes place.
Books In Autumn, the Feria del Libro is a tradition (from April the 21st through May the 12th). This fair, which gathers authors, readers, teachers, publishing companies and bookshops’ owners during almost a month, is renowned along the Spanish speaking world. This fair, which will have its 34th edition, means a tradition and a passion for porteños.
ART GALLERIES Every last Friday of each month, from April through November, the art galleries of Retiro and Recoleta open their doors by the night and welcome visitors with champagne. These are called the Gallery Nights. Due to its success, the neighborhoods of Palermo Viejo and San Telmo will also present their gallery nights.
PLASTIC ARTS From May the 29th through June the 2nd, ArteBA takes place. This festival became the most important meeting of Latin American art. Artists, marchands and collectors will have a place in the international artistic agenda.
PHOTOGRAPHY In August and every second year, the Festival de la Luz takes place, an uncommon meeting of photography with exhibitions, workshops and lessons in which the camera and Photoshop techniques are present.
Art In September, from the 12th through 19th , la Asociación Argentina de Galerías de Arte organizes Expotrastiendas, an exhibition of plastic arts and photography.
Music Undoubtedly, the festival season is spring, when the weather helps and everything seems a conspiracy to go out.
Then, many festivals take place, such as the Pepsi Music Festival, with its ten days of rock and pop in September; the Festival Guitarras del Mundo, which gathers the lovers of the guitar and the Creamfields, devoted to electronic music, in November.
VISUAL ARTS Buenos Aires Photo , from October the 29th through November the 2nd, the fair of art specialized in photography of Latin America. This event gathers more than thirty gallery of regional countries, the USA and Europe.
FAIRS, MEETINGS, PARTIES, FESTIVALS Buenos Aires’ offer is endless. With slight variations, the cultural schedule includes festivals and meetings of multifaceted expressions for different people. For instance, we can mention the festival Diversa of gay-lesbian movies, the Videodanza, the multidisciplinary festival Frida Kahlo in homage to the Mexican artist, the Festival Buen Día, with music, design and gastronomic proposals; the Festival of Improvisacion Teatral, that one of puppets for adult people, the festival of “Cine de Montaña”; the Beckett, the Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre which is devoted to horror and bizarre movies; the musical festivals of the Bach Academy, the Buenos Aires Butoh Festival; the Onedotzero , dedicated to the video art; and that one called Carcajada, aimed at humor...

Choosing where to go is the only problem. The agenda by hand is a must because Buenos Aires counts on many proposals all the year round.
INDEPENDENT FILMS FESTIVAL The Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente, “Bafici”, had its debut in 1998. Its tenth edition will take place from April the 8th through the 20th in different theaters of the city, with a schedule of approximately 200 films.

The artistic direction of this festival will be in charge of the film-maker and journalist Sergio Wolf, together with a select group of programmers which chooses the best – and different – of the emergent views.

This festival is considered the meeting of the most important cinematography by author in Latin America. The new edition of this festival will have different sections, such as the competitive exhibitions, retrospectives devoted to several movies’ characters, documentaries and also thematic meetings among public and artists, books publications, co-production and experimentation forum.
Tango In August, the Festival Buenos Aires Tango is presented following the 2x4 rhythm. After a week full of concerts, workshops and dance lessons, this festival is crowned by a great outdoor milonga which also opens the “Campeonato Mundial de Baile de Tango”, very famous because its dancers really enjoy the dance floor.

The festival and championship are directed by Gustavo Mozzi, musician, composer, producer and guitar player, with a huge experience in the popular music field. Among the artists taking part in this event, there are emblematic characters and musicians of new generations.
Both meetings are performed in consecutive way from August the 15th to 31th and they put on stage a program of concerts and shows with focus on the artistic excellence, the stylistic diversity and its scope along the city.
THEATRE However, perhaps, the greatest festival in the city is the theatre, so huge that it has a simple name Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires. Important foreign castings bring fresh air to the porteño stalls and at the same time they can get acquainted with the newest trends of the local production. Tens of companies present their performances prepared specially for this festival, or show their work in progress. This festival takes place every other year and the next edition will be in 2009. The artistic direction will be in charge of the renowned playwright and director Rubén Szuchmacher and the cultural solicitor Alberto Ligaluppi.

The creation of Latin America and the rest of our country has a privileged space in this event. It has sections such as urban interventions and theatre cross with other disciplines: music, visual arts, among others.
Jazz In October, from the 15th through 19th, the Festival Internacional de Jazz de Buenos Aires will be in charge of the pianist and composer Adrián Iaies. This festival invites people to expand the frontiers of the musical genres and share without prejudices the best composers and instrument players.

This biannual event takes place exclusively in the city’s theatres – in which the sound quality and the comfort of the visitors are guaranteed -, putting the city within the international agenda of festivals.

Apart from the presence of the best local musicians and important foreign artists, even those who never played in the city, this year there will be two tributes to the greatest characters of the Buenos Aires’ music: Astor Piazzolla and Walter Malosetti.
Museums November is the month of the La Noche de los Museos, which is the end of the Art week. More than one hundred museums and art galleries open their doors freely during a whole Saturday’s night.
Design By the end of the year, the “Festival Internacional de Diseño de Buenos Aires”, which puts this discipline on the place that it deserves and shows the development of the porteño design, a mark that distinguishes Buenos Aires . A city which sets the trend.