Shops in Buenos Aires
Boutique Del Libro
Shopping in Buenos Aires
Thames 1762
Buenos Aires
Phone 4833-6637

One very attractive and alluring bookstore in Buenos Aires is the Boutique del Libro, a combined bookshop and café tucked away in the atmospheric streets of Palermo Soho.
Boutique del Libro is the kind of bookstore that makes you hold your breath in awe as you walk past the shelves full of enough books to satisfy any intellectual thirst.

If you want to find art, photography, or design collections, especially ones that are specific to Argentina, this is a great place to look. Boutique del Libro also boasts a pretty decent collection of English-language classics and new novels, which are located by the front window. They also have a small collection of CDs by Argentine and international musicians.

They also have a delightful cafe with delicious coffees and deserts.

Boutique del Libro
Thames 1762
Buenos Aires
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