Cruising in Buenos Aires
Cruising in Buenos Aires

Cruising In Buenos Aires

There are many ways to meet men and have sex in BA. Tom´s, just off the long Avenida Florida shopping street in the centre, is basically a venue for horny men with only one thing on their minds. Open Mon-Thur 12pm-3am and Fri-Sun 24 hours, it has one bar, lots of DVD booths with glory holes and special windows, an intricate maze, a darkroom and a basement for leather lovers.

Or to let off more steam, try A Full Sauna near Cordoba and Callao. Similarly open Mon-Thur 12pm-3am and Fri-Sun 24 hours, it has a gym, dry sauna, wet sauna, massage, sun beds, bar, Jacuzzi, labyrinth, cabins and lots of saucy vids screening. Talking of which, porn cinemas are very popular here - especially at lunchtimes and just after work! Try 4-screen ABC near Tom's - open Mon-Fri. 9am-6am and Sat-Sun from 12pm-6am; or 2-screen Box back up near Punto G, open Mon-Sat 2pm-6am; or 2-screen Eden on Santa Fé, open 24 hours daily.

You'll meet plenty of guys at A. Full (Via Monte, 1770, Barrio Norte; +54-11/4371-7263) -- best times are after work and not too late on weekends -- but the key person is the very skilled (legit) massage therapist. For around US $12, you'll get a great full-body rubdown. It's a nice way to end a day of walking and shopping.

San Telmo's Plaza Dorrego Antique Fair is awash with queers on a Sunday morning, looking for fleshy boyish bargains. The city's green Reserva Ecológica, between the likewise cruisy Puerto Madero docks and the River Plate, gets busy daily with wildlife of another sort.

B.A. Full

Full Spa Buenos Aires(via Monte 1770; +54-11/4371-7263;; open Mon.-Thu. noon-3 a.m., Fri.-Sun. 24 hours)

Well-designed sauna in an old colonial building one block away from downtown area (Callao and Cordoba Avenida) and close to Buenos Aires' gay nightlife. B.A. Full offers a large facility in a colonial style, featuring private rooms, "adventure showers" (recommended), a relaxation lounge, sauna, Jacuzzi, tanning beds, a gym and bar. The vibe is very friendly; the clientele comprises mostly young students and young professionals. There are also regular bears and leather nights. Free condoms are available. Full offers specials almost every night, including 50% off for visitors under 25. Discount coupons can be found at Bar Alvear, only blocks away.


Toms Buenos Aires(via Monte 638, Subsuelo; +54-11/4322-4404;,; open Mon.-Thu. noon-3 a.m., Fri.-Sun. 24 hours)

Toms is one of the more popular sex clubs in Buenos Aires. Its always busy. The crowds are older than visitors to B.A. Full, and the action steamier. (When exhaustion sets in, crash out on the bean bags in the bar.) There is an intricate maze, darkroom, booths with glory holes and windows, and a leather basement. The décor in the lounge has funky blue lighting and a space-age feel, and the only drawback is that it's incredibly smoky (so what's new in South America, huh?). However, there are no lockers, so don't bring valuables. Note that there is no sign on the street, only a number; go down the stairs and to the right, and you'll find the entrance on the left.


Unikus(Puyrredó N 1180, Recoleta; +54-11/4621-7792;; open daily 11 a.m.-midnight)

Located a few blocks from an outdoor cruising area, Unikus is a traditional sauna with bar, snacks, videos, a small cruising maze and four glory-hole cubicles. Unikus was very popular a couple of years ago, but a limited selection of rooms and play areas, as well as some unattractive regulars, has seen its popularity decline somewhat of late.


(via Monte 723, Maipú, around cornder from Liberador Sheraton; +54-11/4322-6465)
This spa offers a small workout room, massage, sauna, steam and private rooms with beds. Be sure to check out the big room for group action. Attracts plenty of businessmen and is often busy after work in the late afternoon.

Box Cinema

(Laprida 1423; open Mon-Sat 2 p.m.-6 a.m., Sun 4p.m.-4 a.m.)
There are two cinemas here, one gay and one straight, as well as a dark room. It's a wild scene, with sex happening just about everywhere. It pulls in young students and older workers, all of whom come from the surrounding well-heeled neighborhood (expect lawyers and teachers).


Zoom Saunas

The newest sex club in Buenos Aires. Opened in June 2006. It's like Tom's, but newer and a bit bigger.Entrance price is 10 pesos (and they have specials); Labirynth and gloryholes; bathroom to clean up; loung area and bar; one drink free with entrance price (soft drink or beer)
Who goes there: Mixed crowd and ages, young skaters and couriers, after work crowd

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