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The bars and clubs of Buenos Aires can be found spread out across the 3 biggest gayborhoods of Palermo, Recoleta, and San Telmo. Taxis are plentiful and its easy to visit each district during a night’s partying. Kick off your evening in Palermo SoHo and follow the crowd. Weekends are busiest. One off big parties and circuit events tend to move about.


Glam is very popular at weekends with boys who like to dance, shirts off of course!

 Many of the bars and clubs hold one off theme nights and special parties from Wed through to Sunday.

Our guide to gay bars in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is similar to most major Spanish cities in that things begin late. No self-respecting person would want to be seen in a club before 2am, and most clubs stay open until 7am. The best thing to do is have a late dinner and then go to a pre-dance bar. Don’t be surprised if you see people still arriving at restaurants to start their dinner at 1 a.m. Discos open at about 1:30 a.m., but no one arrives before 2:30, and the crowd doesn’t peak until 4:00.

Most Argentinians like to go out at the weekends so bars and clubs can be rather quiet during the week, Fridays and Saturdays being the best nights to go out. Do your sightseeing on weekdays and save the weekends for clubbing!

Between dinner and dancing, most people go to bars to have some drinks, meet friends and decide which disco they are going to later. Most dance clubs have cover charges in the range of $15, generally including appetizers or even dinner.

Contramano – open Tue-Sat from 12am and Sunday from 8pm – has one mid-size dance floor, surrounded by mirrors and full of 30-somethings. It is the longest running gay club in Buenos Aires, playing a mix of pop and Latin music. “Contramano” is very central and also a good bet if you want to go out mid-week.

Equally cruisy but completely different is nearby Angel’s with its two dance floors and two bars open Thursday to Sunday from 12am and catering for a mix of young disco boy babe bunnies, TVs and TGs. You’ll either love it or hate it.

Many of the busiest bars can be found north at the junction of Avenida Cordoba and the street called Gascon. The main style haunt is definitely Sitges on Cordoba itself, open Weds-Sun from 10.30pm and – reaching far back, bar beyond bar – is packed with pre-club posers propping up walls or lilted at tables.

Many are just itching to get down GLAM, back on Cabrera again. Open Thurs-Sat from 1am, GLAM has one dance floor playing all the latest tunes, two bars, a pleasant patio where you can actually talk and a dark room upstairs where there isn’t much talking. Cheap, the place gets very crowded on Saturdays, not least because some use it is a springboard onto the other club in the area – Amerika, back on Gascon.

Fridays and Saturdays, shirtless hunks head to Amerika and take to the beat on the main dance floor and in surrounding levels throughout the club. Don’t even think of hitting the place before 2:00 am.

While Sitges is still the busiest bar in town, two other bars that are always popular include Flux where you can break the ice on arrival with happy hours from 7pm, earliest in city and Peuteo a 7pm-3am gay bar with sexy staff, shot boys and a mostly young male crowd.

  • Where to Stay

    Stay in Palermo, the pinkest district in Buenos Aires. The neighborhood has great boutique hotels with large rooms and hidden roof terraces with pools and spas! Its easy to catch a taxi to the other areas if you want to go clubbing, but most of the busiest bars are in this district, easily accessible on foot.

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Recommended Hotels in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires a wide range of hotels. Competition is strong and many hotels have been completely refurbished with added amenities including spas and roof-top pools. Nearly all are located the three biggest gayborhoods of Palermo, Recoleta, and San Telmo.

Hotel Clasico
Great Location

Hotel Clasico

Excellent location in the best rated area in Buenos Aires: Location score 9 with great breakfasts and a unique design and finish.

Loi Suites Recoleta
Gay Favourite

Loi Suites Recoleta

Set amidst the French villas and palaces of Recoleta, Loi Suites offers luxurious rooms with afternoon tea is served in the garden.

Palo Santo Hotel
Readers Choice

Palo Santo Hotel

Featuring an outdoor hot tub and a garden,offering luxurious rooms,free WiFi access and a balcony with lovely city or garden views.

Own Grand Palermo
Boutique Design

Own Grand Palermo

In trendy Palermo, a stylish boutique hotel, rooms with a modern and sophisticated décor and free WiFi access, rooftop pool.

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